Research Students

Gunma University has a system of for research students which allows applicants to study in specialized research fields after screening, provided that the university has enough capacity for education and research. With regard to the admissions application periods and the screening methods, and related matters, situations vary depending upon the course to which you wish to be admitted. The following table is meant to serve as a general outline. Be sure to confirm the details on the website of the particular faculty and course that you are considering. In order to proceed smoothly with regard to professional guidance in your preferred field of research after being admitted, you should determine your field of research and laboratory after you have
established contact with a faculty member who deals with your preferred field of specialization.

The following materials are required:
Application for admission
A certificate of graduation from the last school you attended, as well as a transcript
A certified copy of a certificate verifying your nationality and / or residence status if currently residing in Japan
An outline of your past research achievements and your intentions for future research activities
Two photographs (4cm x 3cm).
Testing fee (9,800 yen)
Authorization document confirming your status as a student or employee from the head of the department of your current academic institution or place of employment