Graduate School Entrance Examination

Admission Guide

1. Contact supervisor

Send a letter stating your request for research guidance to the faculty member of your preference. You can find the appropriate address for the faculty member by contacting the office directly. To see to the focus research areas of each faculty member, please refer to the website.

2. Qualification assessment (if required)

We have established deadlines for confirming an applicant’ s qualifications (see the following table for details). You need to provide an Entrance Qualification Examination Application prior to the deadline for the course you wish to enter.

3. Application

Be sure to file your application in accordance with the established deadlines for your preferred course (see the following table for details).
The following materials are required:
Application for admission
A certificate of your graduation from the last university you attended, as well as transcript
A certificate of your nationality and / or residence status if currently residing in Japan
An outline of your past research achievements and your intentions for future research activities
Two photographs (4cm x 3cm)
Testing fee (30,000 yen)
Authorization document from the head of the department of your current academic institution or place of employment if applicable

4. Screening examination

The screening examinations are held at Kiryu campus on the scheduled day for examination for each course (see the following table for details).

5. Announcement of results

Successful applicants will receive an announcement in the mail on the scheduled day for announcing the results of the examinations for each course (see the following table for details). Examinee numbers will also be posted on the website.