Environmental Engineering Science

Program Contents

Environmental challenges such as climate change, natural disasters, growth of energy consumption, shortage of natural resources, are affecting people both globally and locally. This situation is creating demand for human resources who can resolve these challenges. The university’s Environmental Engineering Science program aims to educate engineers and researchers who can contribute to establish safe and sustainable society in harmony with the environment through collaboration between Chemical & Environmental Engineering and Civil & Environmental Engineering.

The program conducts academic activities from two aspects: 1) environmental/energy conservation and 2) infrastructure management/disaster prevention. From the environmental and energy perspectives, the program develops engineering knowledge and skills in environmental, energy, material, and biological fields for realizing a sustainable society based on chemical engineering. From the infrastructure and disaster prevention perspectives, the program develops human resources for planning, design, construction, and maintenance of safe and sustainable infrastructure and social systems.

Faculty Members and Fields of Specialization

Faculty Members Fields of Specialization
Hideyuki Itabashi
Speciation of metal ions, complexing capacity of natural water samples, and solvent extraction of metal ions based on the HSAB principle
Takayuki Ohshima
Applications of pulsed electric field in biotechnology. Development of water treatment system with high-voltage devices.
Jun-ichi Ozaki
Design and preparation of catalytic carbon materials, particularly used in the applications of fuel cell and biomass conversion.
Shinji Katsura
Development of manipulation technologies for biological molecules and their industry applications
Masanobu Kanai
Risk communication, Community activity for disaster prevention, Disaster education
Yutaka Kawahara
Biomass science, development of bio-based materials and utilization of natural fibrous resources
Shin-ichi Kuroda
Development of functional and high performance materials through the surface and interface control by means of plasma and photo-techniques
Yoshihiko Shimizu
Mechanics of sediment transport, fluvial process in stream with vegetation, and river management
Nobuyoshi Nakagawa
Development of an efficient liquid fuel cell by means of catalyst preparation and by optimizing the electrode structure.
Akihiko Wakai
Numerical simulation of slope failure induced by earthquake
Tomohide Watanabe
Biological wastewater treatment, microbial and physicochemical degradation of water pollutants, Advanced water / wastewater treatment , resource recovery
Associate Professor
Tsukasa Ito
Water treatment, environmental microbiology and biodegradation of environmental pollutants
Associate Professor
Ken-ichi Uzaki
Three-dimensional structure of wind-driven currents accompanied with river including the coastal zone secondary circulations, regional sediment transport process in the Tone
Associate Professor
Masahiko Oshige
Development of bio-molecular manipulation methods and application of reaction process analysis by using molecule design techniques
Associate Professor
Mitsuo Ozawa
Fire resistance of concrete, Control of cracking due to volume change in concrete at early age
Associate Professor
Takahiro Saitoh
Applied mechanics, computational mechanics and non-destructive evaluation for civil engineering structures
Associate Professor
Earthquake-resistant measures for ground and earth structures, safety evaluation of landslides, and shallow ground thermal energy utilization
Associate Professor
Kazuyoshi Sato
Synthesis and processing of ceramic materials and application for energy and environmental devices
Associate Professor
Reiji Noda
Development and evaluation of waste/biomass energy utilization processes, Evaluation and design of a local society based on energy/mass flow analysis
Associate Professor
Miyabi Hiyama
Application of electrostatics on bio-separation and micro-chemical systems, development of bio-micro-electromechanical systems
Associate Professor
Azuchi Harano
Development of droplet levitation device and its application for micro chemical process
Associate Professor
Hideyuki Morimoto
Development of all-solid-state batteries and novel battery materials
Visiting Professor
Hiromi Shirai
Environmental combustion engineering, clean energy conversion engineering
Visiting Professor
Hisao Makino
Aerosol engineering, clean coal technology
Associate Professor
Kenji Tanno
Numerical combustion simulation, Energy control