Increased Educational Opportunities

Entrance examinations for the Graduate School of Science and Technology are held three times a year. The administrative examination is offered in the beginning of July, the summer examination at the end of August, and the winter examination at the end of December. In addition, special examinations are available for working students and international students. In order to help you achieve your dreams, we have prepared many programs, facilities and systems for education, campus life and the graduate school community. Furthermore, our programs also allow students to obtain a doctoral diploma if they have graduated from a university, a college of technology, or other institution of higher learning without a master’s diploma. These openings are for those individuals who have been recognized as possessing advanced knowledge, research achievements, and/or other special abilities. The Graduate School of Science and Technology aims to carry out to research and develop advanced science and technology as a world-leading university. We look forward to seeing you on the Kiryu and Ota campuses.

Organization Chart