Living Conditions and Accommodation

Private Housing

Rental apartment fees in Gunma are as follows: Private apartments and lodging houses (as of April, 2013)
Apartment Features Rent per Month
Apartment Six tatami mats 20,000 to 30,000 yen
With lavatory, shower and bath

Gunma University International House

The Gunma University International House is an international student residence facility located in Kiryu. Residency is limited to one year.
Room Fee Number of Rooms
International House 5,900 yen Single 33
11,900 yen Couple 2
14,200 yen Family 1

Keishin Dormitory

The Keishin Dormitory is next to Gunma University International House
Facilities Rent (Monthly)
A Type Private kitchen, toilet, shower, and bath 25,000 yen
B Type Shared kitchen, toilet, shower, and bath 15,000 yen

Other Expenses

In addition, expenses for food (approx. 30,000 to 50,000 yen a month), textbooks and materials, as well as other miscellaneous costs should be taken into account.

International Student Housing Comprehensive Security

Gunma University cooperates with the “international Student Housing Comprehensive Security” program. When international students are covered by this insurance program, Gunma University becomes the guarantor, and the student can then rent a private apartment by signing an occupancy contact. Under this scheme, if a fire caused by negligence occurs in an occupied housing unit of an international student and the student is forced to pay damage compensation to the owner of the apartment, or if the occupant falls into arrears on rental payments and the guarantor is requested to assume responsibility for paying these guaranteed liabilities to the owner, the guarantor can pay the compensation directly to the owner.

Gunma University International Center