Global Frontier Leadership (GFL) Program

One of the pillars of Gunma University’s educational philosophy is to cultivate students “who understand the culture, history, and tradition of their own country as well as other countries, who have communication skills in a foreign language, and who can assume a role of leadership in a global setting.” For this reason, the Global Frontier Leadership Program, GFL, was created. The program was established in 2013 through the cooperation of the Faculty of Medicine and the School of Science and Technology. Participants in the program can learn about many different cultures, hone their communication skills in both Japanese and a foreign language, and gain a broader international understanding. Finally, participants are required to study abroad at some time during their academic careers.


The Global Frontier Leadership (GFL) Program develops the following five areas:

  1. Independent inquiry in a specific theme or topic
  2. Broad knowledge supported by a deep understanding of areas of expertise
  3. Ability to design a comprehensive plan with a clear purpose
  4. Communication skills for international activity
  5. Ability to carry out a plan as a team or an organization


In order to support the five areas above, the program includes the following educational programs (Fig.1).

Fig.1 Conceptual diagram of the Global Frontier Leadership (GFL) Program