A safe location where industry is growing

Point 1   Location

Gunma prefecture is located inland, away from the threat of tsunami. The prefecture has a low risk of disaster, offering a high level of safety.

Gunma is situated in the center of the Japanese archipelago, 100 km northwest of Tokyo. The journey takes about 90 minutes by train.

Point 2   A leader in industry and innovation

Gunma Prefecture has a long history as a technology and innovation leader in Japan, starting with the Tomioka Silk Mill, which was established by the Japanese government in 1872 as Japan’s first model silk-reeling factory. At the end of its Edo period in the mid-19th century, Japan opened its doors to the world, ending a long period of seclusion, and in 1859 began to trade with Western countries.

Point 3   Full utilization of advanced technologies

Many well-known carmakers have production sites in Gunma, which has a widespread manufacturing sector. A number of other production plants also take advantage of the advanced technologies available in Gunma Prefecture.